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Friday, January 14, 2005

China Threatening Taiwan, USA

Quoting unnamed observers it said that the recent reshuffles in all navy, land and air forces, formed part of military senior officials’ “important deployment for a future war in combined operation”. Although the newspaper did not state who its target was, it noted that the latest change in the Nanjing Military region was specifically responsible for Taiwanese waters.[read more]
Do you really believe an enemy like this is helping us with our endeavor with North Korea? Trust me, North Korea is gold to them. While we are trying to get them to disarm, China is getting ready to attack one of our allies. What better way to get a country to take their eyes of the prize. Soon, China, soon. We should rid the planet of communism. You cannot just take someone's country, and you cannot enslave people for your own benefit. Not against their will. We won't let you.