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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thinking outside of the Box: Sudan

Below is a story I discovered on Passion of the Present's blog. They are a human rights group specializing in Darfur, Sudan, and have been kind enough to allow me to help in any way possible. I would like to say, "Thank you, Joanne. I will do my best to inform the masses."

"Thinking out of the box: why not launch unilateral US military action to save lives in Darfur, Sudan?

The argument among liberals concerned with the slaughter in Darfur is that the Bush administration is hamstrung in gaining an international coalition for Darfur by its unilateral intervention in Iraq. Thus, goes this line of thinking, the US can gain no action through the Security Council, and the people of Darfur are left in the care of a puny and so-far-completely-inadequate African Union response.

But how about thinking about it another way? The US is not about to gain a reputation as a mulilateralist anytime soon, nor gain the approval of those in Europe who would tie the hands of the US to the (from my standpoint highly corrupt) UN Security Council.

So it may make more sense for the US to act unilaterally in Darfur, Sudan and--if successful--restore the US reputation as a wise and effective world power. There is no going back. The US for the forseeable future is going to need to act unilaterally in order to help to solve important world problems. This is because the UN is ineffective and now heavily influenced by China, and because the Europeans have decided to take their quiet power struggle with the US to the mat, by refusing to support multilateral initiatives proposed by the US.

So what? There are things that the US can do immediately to help end the crisis in Darfur, Sudan.

Some of the unilateral actions the US can take can be accomplished immediately, at relatively low cost, and with no use of direct combat troops. For example, the US could within days impose a total oil embargo unilaterally by putting a destroyer off Port Sudan, and block oil shipments intended for China, India and Malaysia along with all esle.

Some require targeted, pin-point attacks on Sudanese targets. Sudanese military planes could be destroyed on the ground within hours. This would be similar to the cruise missle attack that the Clinton administration sent, unilaterally, on a Sudanese chemical weapons factory. And similar to the bombing attack that the Reagan administration sent on Libyan radar and command and control facilities. And similar to the French destruction of aircraft recently in West Africa.

Some involve more penetrating destruction. Janjaweed camps are well-known, and could be destroyed from the air within days.

A few days of unilateral action might save the world month's of fruitless negotiation. The US could then join the world community in taking follow-up action to establish on-the-ground security and to help rebuild lives and society in Darfur. Both aims would be much easier to accomplish with the Sudanese government killing machine destroyed."

I am calling on all people to be polite in your calls, but do call the Capitol at 1 (877) 762-8762. You may also leave a comment at the White House at 1 (202) 456-1111. Please. Our brothers and sisters need us.

The UN is pulling out of Sudan due to the 2 (Save the Children) aid workers that were murdered Sunday. Let me think...where did this happen before? Oh yes, Bagdad, where they declined our protection and then condemned us for not giving them any.

The UN is corrupt beyond repair. These people cannot wait. Let us do our patriotic duty. It is a win/win situation. These people will finally live in peace, and we can capture the terrorists hiding in the mountains of Darfur and the whole country of Sudan. We also block China from trading with terrorists.

If you would like a list of people and companies who are helping China and Islo-fascists (NOT ordinary Muslims!),
here is the link.