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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Stark Raving Mad

This is not a news article, rather it is an article where I am going to let loose. I am angry, and I am not going to take it anymore. I am going to list my complaints. If you don't think Christians have righteous anger or wrong anger, you have more faith than I! Here goes:

1. Mr. John McCain. I will not show you the same respect you do not show our President Bush. You lost the 2000 Primary. Get over it. You are acting more like a whining liberal every time I hear from you. You have done nothing to work with our President. You have done everything to undermine him, and I don't like it. Stop it, you arrogant RINO. Yes, that's right. You are a RINO. You spent more time defending John Kerry than you did for PRESIDENT Bush. How could you have been in charge of Arizona's re-election, when you don't even defend him against all the vile that was spewed? You, sir, do not have my respect as a politition. If you run for president again, I will look closely at the Democrat running against you.

2. Media. Is any one aware of the facts behind the rising call for Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation? The media that set up Sec. Rumsfeld did not allow, or the media chose not to, show us the entire answer. Now that Ashcroft is leaving, they need a new target to get at the President. Please, do not be fooled. They could care less about Sec. Rumsfeld or the troops. They are going after President Bush. That's all it is. Would someone please tell them that our election is already over?!

I am angry at the fact that there are very few facts about the war. President Bush, please explain to these twits the big picture. I am angry that the media portrays each battle as a separate war, instead of an ongoing war. Maybe it is because they never studied The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, WWIII (Cold War,) and now WWIV. We are told how many of our men and women are killed.

WOMEN? Since when do men not look after us and protect us? Have you all turned into girlie men (recruiters and armchair Generals?) How dare you allow Sgt. Lizzie to get hurt. I am so angry I could spit. She better be as beautiful as she was before you let her get injured. Damn. I know she can do the job, ane she loves her job. I know it wasn't anyone's fault, except the handwringers in Congress who made it impossible to finish the job in Fallujah in the first place. I want to cry to take away her pain. You bastard, punk ass, Islamofascists, pig eating, toe sucking, mouth rotting, jihadists. You're so brave...You're hiding in caves and behind women. Woooo. Scared of you...NOT.

3. Where is the context? There is none. Does anyone realize we are at war? WELL DO YOU? Shut these stupid idiots up. Please. They are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. No, this is not an issue of free speech.
Have you ever heard, "Loose Lips Sink Ships?" That was a time when Americans were proud to be called Americans. What have you done to our children? Multiculturalism Sucks! We need to live toward a common goal. E Pluribus Unam. Out of many, one. Not whatever feels good, do it.
It is an issue of treason. This is a crime for which you are shot with or without a blindfold. That is your choice, idiot.

4. What is going on in San Diego's Mayoral election? Washington State's Governor's race? California's Sec. of State corruption? Why were the FBI and 2 IRS agents searching Shelly? Hmmmm? All the situations just mentioned are being challenged by the Democrats, except Shelly, to try to steal the election. The Democrats are losing it, and they're taking down the country with them. Well I am not going to sit back and watch it happen. I'm so angry I can't even think.

Those are just 4 reasons I am having trouble getting back in the groove. Hopefully, getting it off my chest will be enough. I just feel as if I should be doing something. We, I, have it too easy. These brave young men and women are fighting for us. What are we doing? Typing on a computer? Have we donated to Spirit of America? Adopt a Marine? Anyone? I am very frustrated. All the corruption in the UN, over $21B so far in the Oil for our Blood, I could scream. I won't though. They want to attack us for protecting ourselves, but they won't lift a finger to help the poor people of Darfur, Sudan. Shame, shame, shame on them. I will sign the petition to
Move America Forword. This is at least an effort to get the UN off our soil. The French love them so much. Let them put up with the crimes.

Sorry about the coarse language, but it's the way I feel. I am not referring to ALL Muslims. As a matter of fact, I am only speaking about the small minority that has created a cult of death and darkness. They have no wisdom, otherwise, they would have hope. The best they can offer is you kill yourself? Why don't they try it first? Frankly, I am not going to defend what I am saying. It does not need it. If you don't understand, you won't. If you do, then you already know. It sure wouldn't help either way. Have a great day.