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Friday, December 31, 2004

Iraq's Elections

The elections that have been set for January 31, 2005, are somewhat confusing. Instead of being able to vote for your own representative, you may only vote for one "list" which contains the parties candidates.

...Recent polls by the IEC indicate that some 80% of eligible voters (all Iraqis over 18 who can prove their Iraqi identity) in the country have registered. ...

...The lists include 7200 candidates from over 220 political parties and organisations. A list should have a minimum of 12 candidates and the maximum numer is 275.

One out of every three candidates in sequence on all lists should be a woman to ensure a minimum percentage of 30% female members on the National Assembly. ...

This is wonderful news! Even in times of tremendous turmoil, the spirit of freedom and justice persevere. Zeyad has written a very good article about the upcoming elections. It may be a little long, but it is easy reading. Hat tip to you, Zeyad! Great job. Happy New Year everyone!