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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Daily Times, Pakistan

I have gathered a few pieces of news from Pakistan Daily Times that I would like to share with you. I believe these are important articles that you will not find in any MSM newspaper or television news show. Please visit their site. There is much more information than that which I have included.
China threatens retaliation over Taiwan leader’s Japan visit
"BEIJING: China Tuesday blasted Japan for allowing a visit by former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui, threatening retaliation while bracing for new trouble in the form of a planned Japanese trip by Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. Lee Teng-hui, who was president of Taiwan for 12 years until 2000, on Monday began a week-long visit to Japan despite protests by China which was furious that Tokyo allowed the trip by the pro-independence politician. “We are following the development of the situation closely and we reserve the option of taking further measures,” foreign ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told a regular briefing in Beijing. When Lee last visited Japan in April 2001, Beijing reacted by cancelling a visit to Japan by its then-legislative chairman and former premier Li Peng. afp" Home Foreign

DEVELOPING PAKISTAN: Was 2004 a good or bad year? —Miguel Loureiro
"Pakistan is still one of the countries with the lowest budgets in the world for health. It is also one of only six countries in the world that have not eradicated polio. Improvements regarding many other diseases (including HIV/AIDS) haven't been that great either. By the way, crime rates have also increasedRight about now, many newspapers and TV channels start doing a retrospective of the year. So I’ve also decided to do one on Pakistan’s development. Was 2004 a good or a bad year? Let’s look at one segment at a time." Home Editorial
This is an interesting rendition of the end of the year-as seen by Miguel. Please read it. It is quite informative.

Pakistan and India decide to continue talks
"ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and India, after the conclusion of the two-day foreign secretary-level talks on Tuesday, agreed to continue the composite dialogue process to resolve Kashmir and decided on relief measures for apprehended fishermen, civilian prisoners and missing defence personnel. “It was inter-alia agreed that immediate notification will be provided to the respective high commissions through the foreign ministries of arrested Pakistani or Indian nationals. Consular access will be provided within three months of apprehension and repatriation will be carried out immediately after the completion of the sentence and nationality verification. A mechanism will be introduced for early repatriation, without sentencing, of inadvertent crossers and a similar mechanism will be established for an early release of people under 16 apprehended by either side,” said a joint statement issued after the talks. ..."

"...They discussed and narrowed their differences on the draft agreement on pre-notification of flight-testing of ballistic missiles. Both sides discussed Kashmir and agreed to carry forward the process in the light of the Musharraf-Manmohan New York meeting. Both sides agreed that the meetings on the other six subjects under the composite dialogue including Siachen, Wullar Barrage/Tulbul Navigation Project, Sir Creek, terrorism and drug trafficking, economic and commercial cooperation and promotion of friendly exchanges in various fields would be held on mutually agreed dates between April and June 2005. The statement said the two sides also agreed to hold technical meetings between the commerce secretaries, coastguards, border forces, narcotics control authorities and talks on CBMs and Lahore-Amritsar bus service between January and June 2005. ..." Home Main All rights are reserved by the Daily Times.

There is much good news happening between Indo-Pak relations. Even within the individual countries, there is much happening. Why do we not hear of such things? Because they are good. There is no blood and guts. Do we care of such things? Of course we do, yet the MSM decides what we are allowed to know. I, for one, am glad they hate bloggers. We reveal what they are lacking and/or lying about. My, what a sad, sad shame, but you won't catch me shedding not even one tiny tear. It is their doom to hate America. The land that gives them the freedom to do so, and the land that absolutely adore. God bless everyone. Are you offended? Get over it. You have no right not to be offended. Now, everyone have a nice day, and play nicely. Hehehe.