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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sports and Me

I love sports, because as a child they were the best times my family spent together. We could yell and scream, and not get into trouble! Mostly at the other team, but at ours when we felt they could do better. My brother played football, baseball, golf, and wrestling. I played softball, street football, swimming, and did a lot of running. Not on the track, however. I just did it. My brother was great at everything he touched. You know the type. I was mediocre, but I had fun.

Now to get to the point of why I keep track of the scores of the NFL. It interests me. I used to watch football on TV with my Daddy as a young girl. I went to all the Warriors games. I went to all the scool games, but the ones my brother played in, they were the best. I love my brother very much, even though I haven't seen or heard from him in over 11 years. John, if you come across this, there IS an e-mail address...hint, hint!

Why do I always root against the New England Patriots? Because several years ago, the team harassed a female sports reporter in a way they would not have thought twice about doing to a man. I haven't heard an apology yet, so I will hopefully jinx them.

Chicago. It seems like everytime I pick you to win, you lose. I will not be picking Chicago to win anymore. I will be rooting for them, unless I have picked a team to beat them.

Raiders. We should have won that game. If the touchdown that was called back (in the 3rd qtr) would have stood, we actually did win. Would you please explain to me, ref's, why you bring an extra amount of flags with you to a Raiders game? This is not the 1970's!

Go Philadelphia Eagles! Detroit, what happened? I picked New Orleans because that is a team you have to watch out for when it is toward the end of the season. They can really come back at you. Good job, Denver, (for once.)

Well, there you have it. Sports is more than just a game where you learn team manship, humility, how to lose graciously, how to win without forgeting the other team tried their best, and you can still be friends. It is a time for family gatherings. Time to just be together. Even if you never speak to one another! They leave lasting memories for those of us who like to look back and say, "It was a good life."

I miss you Daddy, but I know you're happy were you are. I love you Mom. Ann, you're my beautiful, smart, and loving sister, and please say hello to Scott for me. Nancy, what can I say? You are too beautiful! Please, take good care of my nephew, and say hello to Bobby for me. John, e-mail me, you conceited person! I love you. My adopted brother, John, I love you too. Everything is going to work out just the way God has planned it for you. Don't worry. JoJean, hi sis. I hope you are doing well. God bless you all, and everyone.