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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

News from Around the World, 11/9/2004

"Allawi includes Fallujah strike in war on terror by Maria Cedrell
The assault on Fallujah that began yesterday must be seen as a critical part of the worldwide war on terror, Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi says. (World)" Washington Times

"Blue states buzz over secession by Joseph Curl
Secession, which didn't work very well when it was tried once before, is suddenly red hot in the blue states. In certain precincts, anyway. (Nation/Politics)" Washington Times

Al Sabah News
"...As for appointment of elections the law says that no term could be used to delay the election deadline limited in the law. ..."

"...The political solution is the best option to deal with any problem. However, its efforts did not result in any thing due to terrorist activities and unrealistic demands paid by negotiators..."

(This is a powerful reading. If you read one thing, read this. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend this entire site. It is in Arabic, but in the left corner you will find a familiar word, English. Just click it. You will find news about what is going on, how people feel, and truth that we do not receive here.)

Al Sabah News


"...The fact is that people of Falluja are generous enough that militants had made use of them, yet the {y}are not terrorists and they left it to be battlefield to smash and defeat terrorists."