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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Join Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge

This is an e-mail I received that I would like to share with you. Please, tell your friends about this challenge, also. I have donated to Spirit of America, who is putting this on, since 2003. They are a good group of people that are/used to be in the Service of this country, and they do not keep anything for themselves. Their site is Spirit of America and I really appreciate their tireless work. Please respond.

"Support freedom, democracy and peace in Iraq. Leading bloggers are competing to raise funds to benefit the people of Iraq. 100% of all donations go to needs selected by these bloggers. Many of our projects support requests made by Americans serving in Iraq (Marines, Army, SeaBees) for goods that help the Iraqi people. Other projects directly support Iraqis who are on the front lines of building a better future for Iraq.

How it works: You can join the Challenge as an individual blogger, join a team or create a new team. It's easy. We'll create and host a custom fundraising page for you. All you have to do is link to your fundraising page and encourage your visitors to donate. The winning team and winning individual blogger get untold fame and bragging rights (we can't promise fortune). Bloggers that raise more than $100 get a snazzy Spirit of America cap and t-shirt Bloggers can join the Challenge anytime. Fundraising begins December 1 and ends December 15 midnight Pacific time.

Join as an individual blogger.
Create a new challenge team."