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Monday, November 15, 2004

How many must die?

Everyone is waiting for the UN to have their lovefest, um, meeting, about Darfur, Sudan before they do anything. What will they do? Stop selling them arms and stop their travel? Yeah right.

There have been a few places found on the outskirts of Darfur that contain the bodies of many children, men, and women. The last quote given was 50,000. That was last week. It is now estimated at 70,000.

This is a report I received from INA Today who linked to BBC. I am going to the Sudan site and find more accurate news. I do not trust the BBC's accuracy. The link I have to Sudan has up to the date news which is more accurate. Please, read the sites.

These people have no voice. We are their voice. It is our responsibility. To those who have received much, much is expected. Thank you.