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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Veterans' Day

To the Revolutionary War Veterans:
Thank you for your unselfish bravery
Your honor, your pain, your successes endure
The freedoms for which you fought
Are the dreams of others still sought
To the Veterans of Wars between the years until WWI:
Thank you for standing our ground
Never letting us down
My prayer is forgiveness for the Civil War
May we heal as one country, vibrant and free.
To the Veterans of WWI:
Thank you for saving us from tyranny
Thank you for your sacrices
And to all the wives, children, nurses, and doctors
The forgotten heroes, God bless and thank you too
For without your support, who knows...?
To the Veterans of WWII:
I thank you for freeing the world
from Hitler's Fascism and gas chambers
I also thank all the people who supported you
Whom without, it surely would've been more gruesome a task.
To the Veterans of all the wars after that:
Thank you for fighting communism
Keeping the homeland free
We must continue in this valiant endevour
To honor you, and to keep our country free.
To the Veterans of the VietNam War:
We appreciate you, and always have
Now that we have a voice, also
The voice for which you fought and won
Was lost by the Media, but not by me.
Welcome Home, Sirs, and thank you for your service.
To the Veterans of the Persian Gulf War:
You went to a nation attacked
By a monster, a terrorist indeed
You did your mission honorably, though held back
And I thank you for your service.
To the Veterans of Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan):
Thank you for voluteering to kill our enemy of today
Thanks to the loved ones still here, left behind
We will never forget that horrible day
When almost 3000 people were murdered by these terrorists

Do not believe our press
They're traitors, giving aid and comfort to the enemy
We support you, and we honor you
As acknowledged in the re-election of our Commander-in-Chief!
To the Veterans of Iraqi Freedom:
Thank you for finally freeing these people
For giving peace a chance in a land far away
Where peace through strength is the only threat the enemy knows
You are changing the entire landscape of the world.
For all the Veterans of all the wars for America, and our allies, whom I have not yet mentioned:
Thank you for your service and unselfish love
The sacrifices and enduring boredom
May the work you do today be eternally for peace
And may we always thank God for men and women like you.
Thank you.

I don't know as much as I should about history, or I would have written about each war and in the correct order! I just wanted all you guys to know how much support and love you have. I also wanted our older Veterans to know they are not forgotten. We have not forgotten. We remain grateful and free. Without you, this would not be possible. Thank you.