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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy 229th Birthday!

Today is the 229th birthday of our fabulous Marines. I am quite sure there will be many celebrations all over this great land, and lands beyond our borders!

These brave and decent men have kept us safe for over 2 centuries, and I refuse to denagrate them by being politically correct. Political correctness has gotten more of my heros murdered, killed, tortured, spat upon, etc. Thanks John Kerry.

I will veer course away from that target! Today is a very happy day. Many will be reunited with people they haven't seen for years. While they are celebrating, please take a moment to be silent...and thank them for all your blessings.

You are alive. You don't speak German, or worse, French. You can go to work unafraid. Your children can play. You have parks. You have freedom. You have liberty. These things do not come freely. They come from the blood of so many Marines, Army Sodiers, Navy Soldiers, Air Force Pilots, National Guard Servicemen, nurses, doctors, volunteers, and Americans who support them any way we can.

Yes, we owe them a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid. The amazing selfless thing about this is they do not want anything in return. Just respect, let them live their lives, and remember...they are not baby-killers, they are baby saviours. They chose to do what they did, now it is your decision to them or hate them. If you hate them, get the hell out of America, because these are America's best. It is indecent to bite the hand that fed and saved you. You are unworthy of our worst, let alone our best. They won't say that, but I will.