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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Federalist: Daily Quote

"Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness." --James Wilson

So few words, such powerful truths. (I need to learn that.) The oppressed cry out for freedom, and the free cry out for restraint. It was witnessed by this election when everyone who voted for the President chose values 22% for the reason. The other reasons were economy 20% and war on terror 19%. We feel our vitue and liberty slipping away by the edicts of unelected judges. In an ironic way, we feel our freedom to live in a civil society being torn down by judges who legislate from the bench. We cannot build on our land without a permit. So much has changed. There is really too much to say about that, so I will leave it at this: Our republic votes for our representatives, not our slavemaster judges.