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Monday, November 15, 2004

Benedict Staff Sgt. James Massey

As I was researching for my news site, I came across this article in Arab News. Apparently, he came back and is now telling anyone who will listen that we are committing genocide over in Iraq. The ME is eating it up. Thank you, John Kerry.

Please, read the article. It is written by Linda S. Heard who is a specialist writer on ME Affairs. Sounds like one of ours. For shame. James Massey lives in Waynesville, NC, or so he says. Supposedly, we have killed 100,000 people in Fallujah! I don't know if this was his claim or not, but he did say that we were just shooting willy nilly.

We must put a stop to this NOW, while it is just an amber. I do not want it to become a flame. Not this time. John Kerry was right about one thing, though. Even though he didn't realize it. Wrong time, 2004; wrong place, USA; wrong war, blogosphere to fight back. He hasn't seen war like this!

We will not allow Iraqi Veterans Against the War gain any strength. I do not want these brave and honorable young men and women to come home like they did during the VietNam War. We mustn't. They are sacrificing all for us. The least we can do is have their backs. Thanks, and God bless.