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Friday, November 05, 2004

Arab News

Safety Regulations for Abused Women, Children Ready by Maha Akeel, Arab News
"...“There is lack of coordination between the different administrations involved in child abuse cases, lack of information and procedures to follow within the administrations and lack of an action plan in dealing with the cases,” said Fadia Enani, director of Social Services Department at the Jeddah Maternity and Children’s Hospital. Very rarely is immediate action taken to protect a child. A recent conference on child abuse recommended that the Ministry of Interior formulate a rapid reaction plan to deal with this growing issue. The strategy should also focus on creating a positive environment in school and at home." "..."
Islamist Web Surfers Foresee World War III by Agence France Presse
"DUBAI, 5 November 2004 — Islamists used the Internet yesterday to vent their anger at US President George W. Bush’s re-election, with one accusing the American people of choosing “the logic of war”. “The logic of war has won over the Americans, who chose Bush,” said one remark on an Islamist website, overflowing with passionate reactions to the Republican victory.

“It’s time to wake people from their slumber ... to remind them that Bush’s victory presages new wars,” said the surfer. The victory of “Bush, the despicable, is good, because it opens the way to jihad (holy war) in several Arab countries,” wrote another, called Abderrahman.
Overseas Iraqis to Vote in Poll
by Agencies
"...“The board of the Electoral Commission has decided to allow the participation of Iraqis living abroad in the election process,” said Farid Ayar. “They hope that this decision will contribute to giving more freedom and transparency to the election process through the participation of some of our brightest intellectuals,” he said. Millions of Iraq’s most well-educated citizens fled the country during the oppressive reign of toppled President Saddam Hussein. Many have returned to the country since the collapse of his regime after last year’s US-led invasion, but more than three million Iraqis remain overseas. ..."