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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The American People Get It

This election lets me know that the American people get it. We will not be fooled again by your (MSM) early calling the race for Kerry. We will not be pushed around by scare tactics by Sen. Kerry and minions. We will not cower in the face of threats by Osama bin Losin'. We will not believe you, Mr. Dan Rather, Mr. Jennings, or Mr. Brokaw. Try as you may, we, the American people, each have a brain and know how to use it!

We will stand together beside our President. We will fight and kill terrorists. We will protect our homeland, even without the government. This is our land, and we are determined and resolved to protect it from danger and invasion. We each bear that responsibility. We will wake up and go to work. We will pay our taxes, which are too high. We will continue to not only keep a keen eye on our government, but now we must keep a keen eye on the press who claim to be "Main Stream." If that is main stream, I am off the charts!

I love my country, and I love the people in it. They don't have to agree with me. That would be boring and impossible. I will, however, fight for their right to disagree peacefully. We are not as divided as "MSM" would like you to believe. We love our country, we love freedom, we love life, we love liberty, we love our bill of rights, and believe it or not, we actually love one another. Just look at any natural or unnatural disaster. Does any country come to our aid? We take care of own, and that's the way it should be.

My hope is for the decent Democrats who voted for Sen. Kerry that their disappointment be short, their lives be upbeat, their hopes be fulfilled, and we can be united, as we should be.