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Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Second Presidential Debate

Okay, okay! I know the debate was last night, and everyone is waiting for my "take" on the debate. I prefer to wait a few days to let it soak in, but in this case-I will give my opinion today.

First, I will point out some good points I observed. President Bush was well rested and ready to state his case for reelection. Sen. Kerry let us know that he would do what President Bush did, only better. He would include the "world" in Iraq so they could share the cost and would not use force unless it passed a "global test." Umm, it seems that he is concentrating on pre-war arguments. However on the economics side, he has a "plan" to give tax cuts to everyone except employers, I mean anyone who earns over $200,000. We certainly cannot let those new rich people mix blood with the old cash. How arrogant.

President Bush laid out what he is going to do as far as Iraq, taxes, global war, regulations, health care, etc. Iraq: win total victory. Taxes: make cuts permanent. Global war: each situation is to be handled differently. Iraq is going to have elections in January 2005. Afghanistan is having elections today. Iran is being pressured by EU. We are surrounding Iran as it is. They will not succeed with their nuclear dreams. NK is at the table with 6 nations. They must give up their ambitions for nukes, also. I don't trust them. Neither does President Bush. Regulations: he is going to do his best to take the restraints off business so more people can actually work. Health care: tort reform, privatization, etc. Medicare: Seniors will begin getting more coverage in 2006. I don't like this one. Let the market take care of itself. I also don't like the fact that there was no mention of the corruption in the UN and the Oil for Palaces Program. I have been very upset about that for over a year now. I sure do wish someone would have the cahoonas to bring it up. Maybe even get out of the UN. YES!

Sen. Kerry has a "plan" for everything President Bush stated. And that is...What? He also showed fear at what he would find if he walked into the White House on Jan. 20. He wants to raise taxes and lower taxes. He wants to add 40,000 more troops and he wants to bring them home. He wants to bring France and Germany into the war that is the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time. France and Germany have already stated that no matter who is in the White House, they will not join us. (See, I told you they were our enemies, also!) This is after the Duelfer Report which stated that these are some of the people and countries which SH purchased their votes in the UN. My, my, my. It is best to be careful who your friends are, Senator. He also wants Americans subject to the International Criminal Court (ICC.) He made unsubstantiated claims against the President. I'm sorry, but I don't remember quite what he said, because he was droning on and on and on.

Well, I don't want Sen. Kerry to look too bad. He did make several good points, I'm sure. I'm just not inclined to listen to a politian who has been in the senate for 20 years and has no achievements of which to speak!

THIS IS MY OPINION. I AM BIASED. I AM VOTING FOR PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH, BECAUSE SEN. KERRY SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME. That should take care of any criticism from the the world of Leftness. I have no way of explaining how they think except they must not believe we are at war. That is why we have to win. We are at war, and we need a President who knows it. GWB knows it. Thank God. God bless the USA and the Afghanis who are at this very moment voting for the first time in their history. Wow. Way to go, George!