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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

NYT Correction on Missing WMD

It is in the interest of the public that we print this correction and apology above the fold. Monday we printed an article concerning 377 tons of missing WMD. It has been brought to our attention, through serious research, that the Bush Administration had alerted everyone about this situation April 4, 2003 and April 10, 2003. The 3rd Infantry and 101st Airborn branches of the Army searched and secured the location upon reaching it. They ensued a thorough search and did not locate any RDX or HMX. It had already been removed, and there were no IAEA seals to be found.

New York City Commissioner Kerick was sent to Iraq to help secure the country. It is not clear whether he went to train police or supervise the search for WMD. Today he stated on Hugh Hewitt's Radio Talk Show that 280,000 pounds (140,000 tons) of weapons have been destroyed with 160,000 pounds (80,000 tons) of weapons left to be destroyed as they continue the search for more. Apparently, it would have taken 80 large trucks to carry very unstable weapons past road blocks manned by the USA Army. This is not only improbable, it would be impossible.

This information, though faulty, was offered to CBS and 60 Minutes was going to be held until October 31, 2004, but we, in good conscience and a feel for expediency, went with the story without securing the facts. For this, we are deeply sorry. We have decided that even though we want Sen. John Kerry to win, we are going to start reporting the news rather than making the news. It is rather embarrassing to be a part of the news when we are supposed to be reporting it. From now on, no one gets a soft pass, and we will cover the good news from countries the USA has had conflicts with, whether or not we support the conflict. Thank you for your patience and forgiveness.

THIS IS NOT A TRUE ARTICLE. I MADE IT UP. IT IS A FAKE, PHONY, NOT TRUE. Now that you have the disclaimer, wouldn't it be nice if, for just once, it was true?