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Saturday, October 23, 2004


Good morning all. It is a wonderful day. Let us not be dreary, rather stewards of goodwill. I do not have the appetite today to fuss. I would much prefer to philosophize about the meaning of life and our responsibilities to one another and ones self.

Why was I born? I was born because my parents made passionate love and the sperm entered her egg. Nine months later...tada! I will tell you that I believe God sewn each ember that is me, but I do not hold you to believe as I do. It would be nice, but not necessary.

Following my belief that God had a hand in my life, why was I born? Why now? Why here? So many many answers. I was born to love, give of myself, explore, write, learn, laugh, cry, endure, and exemplify His grace, love, mercy, justice, and final judgment. Yes, I know most people have left out the part of judgment in order to attract more people to their pews, but I am not a Pastor. I am not confined to the political correctness of the day. Yes, there will be a final judgment, and I pray that I am able to face my God. I have committed so many sins that He has already forgiven me for, yet I continue sinning.

Why here? Why not here? This is a question to which only He knows the answer. I do not spend too much time on this. I accept what I cannot change.

Why now? Many times I have wished I was born in the beginning of the revolution or the 1800's or during the life of Christ. I wasn't, however, and I cannot change that. Because I was born now, it is up to me to do the best I can at no matter what I do. No matter how small or large the task, I should at least try to do my best as unto the Lord. This is my way of showing gratitude.

Is this philosophy? Yes, if you do not believe, and yes if you do! Would you like to know the philosophy of a secularist? How dreary! Go somewhere else, because I do not wish to enter the darkness today. Nor ever, but sometimes the world seems very dark indeed. Hunger, slavery, murder, communism, terrorism, disregard for human babies, and so many things. I know. I read about it everyday. I wrote this to remind me, and you, that we do have a purpose and a goal. Our purpose is to uplift those around us as we live, and our goal is to attempt to do our best to please our God.

I do not know what job you or I am supposed to have, although I do know that each of us have been blessed with many talents. If we do not use them, we lose them. How are you treating yours? Are you ignoring your talent because of fear that people will laugh? HA at them! Do not fear. All you have to do is try, or you will never know.

I was told I would never make any money writing, so I kept my writings to myself. No longer. I am taking a great risk at being laughed at, but I don't care. Do you know why? Because maybe, just maybe, something I write may change a person for the good, or change a policy for the good, or many other maybe's! I have to try. This is my gift. I have come up with a slogan, so to speak, "A gift unused is a gift refused."