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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Good news from Iraq, Part 12-Mr. Chrenkoff

Mr Chrenkoff has come through with another good news from Iraq, part 12. I am very grateful for this man. While the MSM is busy trying to do decide who has the better hair day, I can find that the first person to vote in Afghanistan's history was a 19 year old woman!

I also have learned so many more things, but you will have to read my blog to find out! LOL Sorry, I'm just upset because no one in charge covered the most historic event in 5000 years. These people were threatened by the Taliban. They were going to blow up polling places, murder people on the way to vote, and whatever they could do to interfere with the march to democracy. Nothing like that happened. Maybe if it did...?

Do you think that might have been worth a little bit more than a blip? For God's sake...they now have a fledgling democracy. Women who registered were 41% of the total registration. Many of them made it to the polls. We won't know the final number or the final count for 2-3 weeks. What does the MSM have to say?

Another thing they said was we/they couldn't accomplish this task. Oh my! Push our way of life on others? Freedom and human rights? For shame, you in the media. I don't believe you, anything you say. I believe President George W. Bush. He can at least deliver, and deliver well. He has saved the lives of 50 million people living in tyranny. What have you done lately?