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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Federalist: Founders' Daily Quote

"Remember, my Eliza, you are a Christian." --Alexander Hamilton

Wow. A simple one line message that says so much to my heart. Not that he reminded his wife she is a Christian, although that fits me, but because it was proper to do so. Men used to be men, and women used to be women. Of course there were occosians of abuse. Not as much as today, though. Why do YOU suppose that is?

Could it be that we, as women, have tried to take away the manhood of our men? Is it our own fault? Did we put them down to pull ourselves up? We must consider this seriously. I am not saying we are resposible for abuse. I am saying we are responsible for men not knowing if they will be sued if they say, "Nice dress" or "You look nice today" or something as innocent as that. Something that innocent can put a man in jail. Do you wish to argue the point? Don't bother trying it with me.

I've seen too many men who grew up in a broken home because most women are selfish. We tell men they're no good, we can have babies without them, we don't need them to raise a child, and more of the such degrading kind of assaults to their manhood. Then we turn around and wonder why there are no men. We were so STUPID! You can only beat someone up so many times before they say, "Okay, if this is the way you want it."

I love when men act like men. They are supposed to. They should be free to act as men without the government coming down on them from every which direction. Men ARE the head of the household. Men ARE the decision makers, although in a loving marriage, they usually consult with their wife on the big issues. It makes sense to keep the peace. Man ARE more than sex toys.

When did we, as women, decide to become the animals we claimed that men were? Do you see now that the unwed mothers growth rate has blown through the number of married children? Do we really believe it is better for our babies? If you do, I dare, I double dare you to look into your child's eyes and them how they feel about it. Ask them if they would prefer to also have a daddy to play with and love them. We are not the end all to be all. We have been lied to.

To all men everywhere: I apology for the pain we/I have put you through. We did not know the cost of what we were doing, and it's a cost that is too high to pay. I'm sorry.