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Thursday, October 07, 2004


There is a rumer going around that the Bush Administration is thinking about reinstituting the draft. Let's take a look at that.

There was a bill intraduced on January 7, 2003 to the Congress by Charles Rangel, NY, D., and in the Senate by Sen. Hollings, SC, D. That is odd. These are democrats. Is the Bush Administration working with Democrats? It could be true. Let's look further.

This week, Congressman Tom Delay, TX, R., brought the bill to the floor for a vote. It is rumored that he did this to call someone's bluff. See, in Texas, well, just don't gamble there. The vote failed by a vote of 422-2. Even Congressman Rangel voted no.

I hope this puts an end to all those concerned. You can call (877) 762-8762 and reach the Capitol Operator. You can then speak to your representative or anyone in the Congress you choose. It is a toll free number. I hope you have a better day! Peace.