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It is my intent to express my opinion and to discuss current events. Feel free to make suggestions to fields you would like to see covered, and I will consider them. Please leave your name with comments. Thank you. Arabic: عربي.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I would very much appreciate any input given. I do not know how my style, words, substance, etc. reaches people without input from my readers. Is my writing too preachy, boring, do I not put enough of myself into it, do I put too much of myself into it, am I coming across biased, etc.? I have no idea, because I receive so few comments. For those of you who do leave a comment, you are dearly appreciated. Is it because all my writings are obvious? I doubt that! I have made mistakes, and I am very, very grateful for the comments I receive so I can correct my errors. I do believe that I have very intelligent people reading my blog. Is it because you read so many blogs, as I do? I am just wondering. Hey, maybe I can get a comment explaining why I don't get any! You guys seem to cover stories that I only find through through you. I try to find stories which are of interest to me and of which you may not be aware. Is it too much information? Would you like me to write my opinion on the news articles? I thought I did, except the ones I quote. I thought I would make it too long to hold you interest. Can you see my dilemna? I DON'T KNOW what you want from me, and I write to please as well as for myself. I will never stop writing for myself, but it sure would help to know if I were helping aaaaaannyyyyyyyyooooonnnnee. Thank you.