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Friday, October 22, 2004

*a comment left* Who's Who in Iraq"
Letter to Michael Moore from Lance Corporal Sean Hughes, US Marine Corps, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom..."

Dear Lance Corporal,

So, you say you are a Marine? I have never known a Marine to cry and bitch. How dare you take the name of our fine Marines in vain. If you truly are a Marine, where is the rest of you title? What battalion, troop, etc? This is not Viet Nam, and I'll be damned if I let you make even one Marine, Air Guard, Air Force, Navy, Army, or SpOps suffer the way John Kerry made his comrades suffer. You will wish you were in hell rather than to feel my wrath, Mr. Hughes. Even if you are in the Marines. Do not side with Micheal Moore, or you will be known in our hearts as a traitor. Maybe it is nothing you will be put in front of a firing squad for, but you will wish to, unsuccessfully, make all the voices from all the blogs from all over the world to shut up. You can't. Men have gone before and after you to secure this freedom. You, sir, are a liar. Have a ___ day.