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Monday, September 27, 2004

World Congress of News Agencies?

Have you heard of the World Congress of News Agencies? Neither have I, until now. Apparently, "the presidents and senior officials of 115 news agencies from more than 100 countries took part in the conference." "Associated Press (USA), Reuters (Britain), Agence France Presse (France), Kyodo News (Japan) and Xinhua News Agency (China) were among the participants." This meeting was held in Moscow "from September 24-25, 2004."

"The meeting was the brain-child of the leadership of Russia's leading news agency, Itar-Tass." The French-based free press advocacy group, Reporters Without Borders refers to Russia as "one of the world's deadliest countries for journalists." Many of us who have been following the deteriration of the "freedom of the Press" are very skeptical. In 1999 (I think,) without warning, many reporters were fired from their jobs as TV anchors. They were replaced with "chosen" personnel by Putin. Slowly, the negative accusations about Putin disappeared, never to be seen again.

The discussions were about the changes in the world, and how to cover the "globalization." Also, they discussed the media's environment.

Could it be that they are all trying to bring communism to America? You decide, I just raise the question, as a REAL journalist worth their salt would do! Why are reporters working together, instead of loyalty to the facts? Are their bosses to be watched? Should we all think the same? HOW BORING!!! You will have to kill me before I give up my life, liberty, property, and love for God. Is there anything you believe worth fighting for? If not, then you are a slave, because you have nothing worth living for, either. Pity on you, but leave me alone. For the rest, Peace through Strength!

I would like to give credit for this article to Toby Westerman from International News Analysis Today. One of the few news sources that is still indepent and free. They will give you the news the other "MSM" don't think you can handle or should hear. Please go the site. It is real good.