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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Russia Visits Castro-9/27/04

There is much to be alerted about on our southern border of Florida and Venezuela. Russia has been courting the two contries who still see Marxism as Utopia. Russia has been sliding slowly back into the old communistic practices as before. Why are they arming our enemies? Why are they trying to get in through the back door? Should we consider there is no longer a cold war, but a hot one? You read Internat'l News Today, written by Mr. Toby Westerman. "Let us not be asleep because there is too much news, rather, let us be the ones who make the news." Rosemary

Russia is selling "advanced MiG 29 aircraft, Russian Mi17 helicopters, as well as Chinese radar systems are heading into the hands of Hugo Chavez, the Communist-oriented leader of Venezuela, and an avid admirer of Cuban President Fidel Castro."
Chavez dreams of a "'Marxism as part of a Latin American mix,'
which includes assorted terror groups, Communist guerrilla armies, and die-hard Cuban revolutionaries, all sitting on America's backdoor."
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proclaimed Cuba to be one of
Russia's most enduring relationships in Latin America."
"Cuba, it should be remembered, will supply the training for Chavez' MiG pilots."
"Castro also briefed Lavrov on the "integration processes" in Latin America. There is only one viable "integration process" in Latin America, and that belongs to Chavez, who is actively working -and arming -- to unify major Latin American nations
into a single Marxist-oriented state."

I hope that this will not be just a blurp on the news, and then we go back to sleep until we are attacked by our "allies." I believe we should take a real inventory of who our allies actually are. God bless America, and God save the Queen.