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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Presidential Prayer, Day 3

Served at a Safe Temperature
by Kelli Dear


Today, I pray for the presidential and vice presidential candidate's families.
First, I pray that if none of them know You as their personal Lord and Savior, that You would draw them to Yourself.
I pray they will repent, seek Your forgiveness, and ask You to be Lord of their lives.
I pray that the daughters of the presidential candidates will be honest, self-controlled, merciful, respectful, faithful, kind, generous, humble, compassionate, and pure.
I pray they will seek You for wisdom and guidance.
I pray they will be filled with Your Spirit of truth.
I pray You will give them a heart that desires to obey You.
I pray You will protect them from harm.
I pray You will give them a heart that will be quick to repent of mistakes. I pray they will choose to use words that glorify You.
Lord, give the candidate's families Your peace.
In Jesus name,

I would like to thank Pat for including me in this prayer for our world, country, candidates, and leaders for the next 36 days (40 all together!) Thank you.