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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Popular University in Iraq

Yesterday I was reading Live in Dallas when I realized Farouz was very disappointed in her readers. I felt very badly, because I am one of those readers who let her down. I will not do that again.

She sent me to this article that was featured by Popular University. This is a Christian brotherhood that lives in Iraq. They are continuing a scool for adults in the evening, and I have brought to you much information about what they are, what they want to do, who can apply, and THEY NEED OUR HELP! If you can donate, please contact Fayrouz. You will find a PayPal that you will be able to use to donate. All donations from this month are going to the school. Popular University is the name of the school, and you can read the whole article that I have summarized. Fayrouz can tell you so much more, since she is Iraqi and she knows this Priest, who is also Iraqi. Please read this with an open mind and heart, and let's not let her down. Not again. Comment on whether you have enough information or if you have questions. Let her know that we are big enough to read good news about Iraq and then do something!

It's the desire of this "Popular University" project to be an integral part of the development of a new society that has started functioning during the aftermath of the war of Spring 2003.

Main Objectives of this project:
Give people possibilities for further studies.
Raise awareness of Human Rights.

As the humanistic sciences in Iraq during the former regime showed a great weakness while being under total governmental control the change in this country has brought about an opportunity to give people in Iraq an education, which is independent and free from government interference.

The project serves a wide range of people of different ages -- 20 to 50 years. The students will have to prove university entrance qualifications in order to qualify for further studies. There will be both men and women; they will be chosen and then distributed into classes according to their capabilities and subjects that they have applied for.

The beneficiaries will be secondary school graduates and students will be accepted regardless of ethnic or religious background.

The Dominican Fathers' history in Iraq witnesses to the fact that they have played a continuous active role in preaching, teaching and educating in many fields like theology, philosophy, history, languages, human rights, arts (including literature, music and theater), medicine, media and many other technical and information services.

There will be cooperation with the Ministry for higher Education and the University of Baghdad, so that the curriculum will be recognized as valid for higher studies, giving the graduates recognized academic degrees.

The Order of the Dominican Fathers is an international order and is neither a governmental, nor a political association.

If you have read this far, I would like to thank you. That shows you have a good heart. I wish you well. Now please leave a comment and use the links provided to donate so that the school may be repaired and supplies may be purchased. Please. Help these people, but only if it is in your heart to do so. Iraqis are a proud people and do not want your charity. This should be and is a heartfelt gift. Thank you for everything, and may peace be with you always.