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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pakistan Recognizes Isreal's Right to Exist!

While President Musharref is worried that the opportunity for peace may be slipping through the hands of time into an iron curtain surrounding Islam from the outside world, he is still positvely looking forward to the peace talks to be held with India on Sept. 24, 2004. Of course, there is the Palestinian factor included, but he is calling for an end to the antifada. I have some of the article, and linked to the rest so you can read the whole thing. Peace be with you.

The president said Pakistan also sought strategic stability with India. "Until now, the normalisation process has progressed well in a cordial atmosphere. Now that the negotiations are entering the difficult stage of grappling with solutions to previously irreconcilable disputes, Pakistan hopes that India shows the same sincerity, flexibility and boldness that Pakistan demonstrates.”

"Pakistan stands for peace,
recognising the right of Israel to exist, as also the right of the Palestinians to have their own homeland,” he said. Gen Musharraf said determined and collective action had contained and disrupted the violent agenda of terrorists. “We are winning the battle against terrorists.” But he said: “What we are doing is insufficient to win the ultimate war.”

He said Pakistan had led the way in the campaign against terrorists. “The global cooperation against terrorism has been highly successful. The immediate anti-terrorist response has to be accompanied by a clear, long-term strategy, striking at the root of the problem, if we are to ensure final success against this scourge.”