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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New Site!

I am working with a new site, also! The name is Iraq the Future: It is about bringing two peoples and cultures closer in understanding. We would like to help heal Iraq and the USA. To make it easier for our soldiers, whether in uniform or civilians in the Twin Towers. Also, the brave young Iraqis who have stepped forward to protect their Country and run for office. These people just want live in peace after so many wars and horrible dictators. They want democracy!

Please, do not think I am naive. I realize this will take a long time, and the Iraqis probably don't trust me. I am aware of this, and that is okay. I am hoping to prove myself worthy of trust. But we have to start somewhere. Here is as good a place as any! I want Iraq to succeed. I want us to succeed. Why can't it be both of us who succeed together?

Please visit this site and leave comments, suggestions, or anything you think might be helpful. I do ask, however, that you be civil. I know most of the people that read my blog are civil, and I thank God and you for that! Peace.