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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Iraqis Speaks Up AGAINST Terrorists

Many Americans have been looking for the Muslim people to speak up against the horrific acts of terror that have been occuring. Well, I ran upon this article from Hammorabi. He is an Iraqi who lives in Iraq. His life has been threatened, but he moves forward with the truth as his weapon. The least we can do is to listen. I, personally, would like to say, "Thank you. It is heard and appreciated." Thank you, also, Hammorabi. May His Peace be with your family and you always.

Declaration from Najaf Hawza

Najaf Hawza is the theological foundation which includes schools and university established more than 1000 years ago. Unlike the Sunni schools which were supported by the governments, Hawza is an independent foundation supported by the charity money from the Shai Muslims all over the world. One of its teachers now is Sayid Ali Sistani. It has been targeted many times by all the Sunni government along the history of the Islamic state and the recent Iraqi state especially by Saddam regime. Many of its scholars have been executed.

Hawza released many statements about the kidnapping and the killing of the innocent people whoever they are. The last statement was on the 25 Sep 2004 and below is the summary of the last statement.

By the Name of Allah the most
Compassionate and the most Merciful

The kidnapping and killing of Iraqis, Arabs and Foreigners by organisations which considers all other than itself as infidels is not from Islam and its noble values and principles. One of the victims of these organisations are the Shia individuals, the university lectures and scientists, the intellectuals, the doctors, the officials, the innocent people in places of worship (Mosques, Churches, and others), the workers, the Shia drivers who were killed in Falluja, the Kurds, the Turkmans, and others.

The crimes of the above organisations also involved the foreigners who came to Iraq for work or as professionals in their speciality to help in the process of building or planning. Those victims are from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, France, Italy, UK, USA, Nepal, Spain, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria and others.

We repeat what we have said before that these wrong and tyrannised acts do not belong to Islam by any way.

We call for the release of all those who were kidnapped immediately whatever their nationalities or believes.

The wrong organisations have nothing to do with Islam the religion of peace, love, forbearing, kindness, and good values.

We also look forward from the intellectuals to differentiate between Islam as a religion and these wrongful bands.

25 Sep 2004 Hawza, Najaf