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Friday, September 17, 2004

Computer Meltdown!

I have had to use a different system to let you know that out here in Southern California, we had a computer blackout with our server. I had some ideas during the day which of course are gone by now! I'm sure I will come up with something, so thank you for your patience! God bless your families, you, the USA Military and their families+Coalition and their families, and the good all US of A!

I would also like to ask, not require(!), for you to pray with me for Darfur, Sudan and the black Muslims and Christians, the Thia people who are under the thumb of Communist China, the Iraqis who are under attack each day by criminals and al Qaeda, the Afghanis who are under attack by the Taliban who don't want the free votes in October to occur, the Tiawanis who are being threatened by nuclear armed Communist China, Burmese who have jailed the head of the Democracy Party Leader, 2 French kidnapees, Italian kidnapees, Australian kidnapees, Brazil so that FARC (drug dealers and terrorists) doesn't destroy their country, Columbia that they may catch all of FARC, Iranian students who want to get rid of the extremist Mullahs so they can have freedom also, Syrians who cannot voice anything because if it's against the gov't they go to jail, Saudi Arabia so the women can have the same rights as men and have freedom, oh heck, just pray for everyone! I could go on...but you decide who you want to pray for. It's just that I know these people need our prayers, whether we are angry at them or not. Do you remember Ninevah?