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Friday, September 24, 2004


There is a real threat growing on our western border, and it isn't Mexico. China has been threatening Taiwan since 1996 to reunify, or else... China has grown in strength because WE continue to buy their products. As the trade deficit widens, China gains strength. They have strong relations with "new" Russia and N. Korea. Syria and Iran continue to buy nuclear technology from N. Korea supplied by, guess who? Yes. "New" Russia and China. Do not take your eye off the ball guys. Sound the alarm however and wherever you can. Here is piece of an article I found. You may read the entire article at Chinese invasion. Go forth, Paul Revere, and Godspeed.


Virtually ignored in this analysis are China's militarization, threats to its neighbors over territorial disputes, and the iron control of the Chinese Communist Party over the people of China.

It is that overwhelming Communist control, brought upon by a swift, technologically sophisticated, brutal, and thorough assault, which threatens Taiwan at this moment.

The Communist elite in Beijing remain committed to the extension of their version of Marxism: "socialism with Chinese characteristics."

The people of Hong Kong know from bitter firsthand experience the reality of what some "experts" call the "new" China.

Hong Kong reverted from British to Chinese rule on July 1, 1997, with the promise from Beijing that democratic principles inherited from Britain would be respected. China declared that the former colony would be governed under the principle of "one country, two systems," a concept first announced by former Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiaoping in 1984.


Seven years after the end of British authority over Hong Kong, the population of the former colony is witnessing the continuing destruction of traditional liberties and the end to hope of any independence from China's all-powerful central government.

The people of Hong Kong are finding out what "one country, two systems" actually means: the Communist elite in Hong Kong have a firm grip on the island.

Strip away its "capitalist" veneer - businesses run by the Peoples Liberation Army, corporate and sophisticated financial structures connected to the military or the Chinese Communist Party -- and "socialism with Chinese characteristics" looks very much like old-style totalitarian Communism preparing for war.

While America's war on terror is real, the U.S. must also recognize that there are other deadly threats to its existence, and denying this reality will not make them disappear.