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Thursday, September 30, 2004


China has been a well known abuser of human rights for a very long time. There are politcal, journalists, peasants, and people who desire democracy prisoners in China. Do we hear these stories? Why not? Could it be that our press (one of their reporters is in prison) has fallen asleep on the job? Or could it be that China has them in their pocket? Either way, and I'm sure there could be many other excuses, there are situations happening in China for which we should be made aware and very, very alarmed.

This is why I have included a link to Radio Free Asia. Please, read some of the atrocities that are happening as I write. They have closed a web site on a Chinese College campus for condemning North Korea's treatment of their people. They imprisoned monks for practicing their religion. They imprisoned many (thousands) peasants for petitioning the government. Many accouts contain torture and sometimes death. They sometimes are taken without cause, without trial, without a lawyer. China is also giving N. Korea nuclear weapons technology. There is much more.

I hope you will stop buying Chinese goods. Do we really need to provide them with the money to buy the bullets with which to shoot us?