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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Atlanta, GA-Protest of corruption denied to many

An AP story reported on Aug. 31, 2004, from Atlanta, GA, a story about a young man who was killed in his jail cell. He went to the court house to petition for a permit to go to the Capitol (of Georgia) to seek redress and justice. Their land had been confiscated and given to developers with the highest bid.

Appently, in front of 1000 fellow petitioners who witnessed the judge's policemen, Hakim Smith was beaten and while in police custady he was poisoned. He was also found to have rope marks around his neck.

In the recent past, 10,000 people were planning to demonstrate (against corruption) in front of the Capitol (of Georgia,) but they were turned away. Some of them, the "leaders," were arrested and no one has heard from them since that day.

Do you believe that corruption by City Officials could happen in America? How about police brutality? Even people disappearing? Does this bother you, make you angry, or you just don't care--until it happens to you? What if there is no one left to defend, stand up, and speak out for your uncaring retentive self?

Now that I have awoken, hopefully, your blood juices, please read China's have-nots throw themselves into the struggle for justice.

Hong Kong, Aug. 31, 2004--Beatings, deaths in police custody, and regular harassment and detention are increasinglyfamiliar for China's growing army of disenfranchised people seeking redress for offical wronddoing.

The rest of the story you will find in the link I have provided above. They are planning to go to Tienanmen Square-again. Is democracy (representative rebublic) so precious to you that you are unwilling to share it? They reached out to us before, and we answered the only way we could. We cut off trade, we refused to buy their products, and our officials would not go there. Bill Clinton changed that. He is the one that thought it would be okay to deal with these murderers. They are commies, and don't you ever forget what that means. The state owns you, and you are nothing. If you like that, either move to China, or vote Democrat.