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Friday, April 06, 2007

GOE: Quick Update

Here is the next posting from the Gathering of Eagles:
Many of you–and I do mean many!–have emailed or commented with well wishes to me lately as I took my FAA General and Powerplant exams over the last week.

Just wanted to let you know that after a year and a half of school, one failed test, and far too much Mountain Dew, I passed the last of my FAA exams tonight and am a newly certificated aircraft engine mechanic. [Continue reading.]
Great job, Kit! For those of you who do not know Kit, you can find her right here. Check out what a great job she does, as well as going to school, taking finals, putting together Gathering of Eagles and much, much more. Stop by at GOE and give her a congrats, will ya? Thanks.

Notes from the Chairman: GOE II To Be Held in D.C. on May 26.
So many things are happening to GOE that I hardly know where to begin. For starters, the folks in the Northeast Region have already been involved in several activities, one of which was to support a city councilman who was denied the right to vote by telephone because he was deployed to Afghanistan as a Master Sergeant in the USAF! Regional Coordinator Chris Hill has got those folks worked up; keep it up, Chris. [Continue reading.]
Wow! They are really putting the pedal to the mettle over there. If you are interested in supporting our troops, maybe you would like to receive e-mails from their site? Just go sign up. Have fun with it. Have a great day everyone.

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