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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Political movement in Iraq could shuffle more than paper

There is very interesting news coming from Iraq the Model yesterday by Omar. It appears that many people in Iraq are getting very tired of the daily murdering of innocent Iraqis, and they may be ready to warm up to a non-sectarian bloc of politicians. As Omar states:
The political scene in Iraq these days is registering a level of activity like we haven’t seen since right after the elections, when the blocs squabbled over who got to be the new premier.

Political alliances are being redrawn right now —and three developments are shaping the change and dominating local news headlines at stories of violence’s expense. Continue reading Back to Politics!
The main ideas I seemed to come away from this news are that the bloc would be non-sectarian, inclusive of Sunni, Shia and hopefully Kurds and bringing to power the adults. The religious bloc of Shiites will have less power, especially if they lose the majority of seats. This may ease tensions across the entire country.

If this can be accomplished, maybe, just maybe, the Iraqi people can finally start to get a glimps of things recognizably coming together the way they had hope for in the beginning. This would turn the tables on the terrorists. With the Iraqis starting to see their country as Iraq and not what sect they belong to, they will start to feel a sense of unity. This is great news for all involved. Well, except for the terrorists! But that IS what we want, isn't it Senators and Congresspeople? Sometimes I wonder...

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