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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh my! Here I am with the updates

I have been so busy that I almost forgot to write here at least once today. What I will do is give you the links to the stories to what I've been working on in the meantime. Some of the articles were written by The Bos'un Locker and John from Stop the ACLU. I wanted to include them, because I believe you should know what is happening. Also, they are friends, and they write well. :)

Here we go:

Causes of Interest.
Iran rejects UN. So? What's new? DBI. (DBI stands for Daily Briefing on Iran.)
ACLU: Whats This "Secret" Label Mean? John.
Blair: Iran is the major problem. DBI.
Iranian Blogger needs our donations for cancer.
Radio Free Asia News: 12/12/2006.
Top Chinese Civil Rights Lawyer Tried in Secret: Recordings.
Iran Seeks Uranium in Solamia: DBI.

DoD Daily News.
Thinking Right interviews Soldier in Iraq.
Hero Sacrifices Himself to Save Others.
NGAUS Legislative and Notes: 12/15/2006.
Christmas Greetings from Michael Yon. Bos'un.

Please don't pay attention to the dates. All of the ones I did were done today. I usually will associate the date of the article with the date it belongs to. Have fun all. :)