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Monday, November 13, 2006

Loving the Children of Fallen Heroes

A while ago I ran across this wonderful article which was talking about three individuals, each with their own story, that are helping the children of fallen heroes with scholarships to go to college. This is a very helpful program, and it is known as the Freedom Alliance.

So how are they helping these children? I'm glad you asked. They have compiled a DVD/song/Video is dedicated to the men and women and their families serving in this campaign. The name of this amazing piece of art is "My Love's In Arizona." It is now available.

Please read about Carol Gell Crowley at Old War Dogs. She is an amazing lady with a very provocative story. One which I'm sure you will enjoy. Do you remember the book and movie "We Were Soldiers"? She is youngest daughter of one of the men covered.

Yes, we can do something. Please, buy one of the DVD's. Each DVD helps one of the children that have lost a parent in their service to our country.