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Friday, August 18, 2006

Do you know who this judge is?

More importantly, do you know what she represents? It is NOT the United States of America. Yes, I will declare this. Call me what you may.

Does anyone remember the Affirmative Action lawsuit in the Michigan District Court in March 2001? Then there was another case or the appeal while the Democrats held up any of President Bush's nominees, because they wanted to have the fix in (remember the memo).

Well, before it reached that level, there was another Justice assigned to the case. Ms. Taylor did not trust his ruling, even though he is also a Democrat, so she pulled the case from him.

Here are pro-American, and pro-affirmative action rulings from the Michigan Court. Just scroll to March 27, 2001. These are the only links I could find.

Since I cannot locate (at this time), I will just leave you with this:
    Judge US District Court Eastern District of Michigan
    231 W Lafayette Blvd Rm 619
    Detroit, MI 48226

    Phone: (313) 234-5105
    Fax: (313) 234-5361
BE NICE. I do not want anyone from this site to berate this lady. I just want to know what happened when she interferred with case on affirmative action...

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