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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Japan Preparing to Sanction NK over 'Missile Crisis'

If North Korea launches any missiles, Japan is prepared to sanction the North Korean country without going to the UN. (They will be acting unilaterally, because of fears that the UN won't do a daggone thing because of China's and Russia's veto. Isn't this a hoot?!)
"The laws have been passed, so all those options would come on to the table," Aso told NHK television, referring to provisions that could be used to freeze cash transfers and ban ferry services between Japan and North Korea.
Japan and the United States have threatened to refer North Korea to the U.N. Security Council if it launches a missile. But analysts have said the Security Council is unlikely to impose sanctions, due to likely opposition by China and Russia. [continue reading]
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is writing another bill to deal with other sanctions that may be viable. For instance, they would ban Japanese financial institutions from doing any business with anyone suspected of money laundering. (They don't even have to be found guilty! Maybe we should start looking closer at these people who are upset with our human rights record, eh?)

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