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Monday, January 02, 2006

Risen's Book Hits Stores

Mr. Risen, the writer who broke the story of the NSA wiretaping terrorists in our country, has written a book based upon many anonymous sources. In his book, he discloses the name of one of a person who went to Iraq on the behest of the CIA.

If we have learned, we have learned that anyone working with CIA in the past 5 years is under the shield law written in 1982. Any person knowingly revealing that person's identity has comitted a felony. Have a nice time in your cell with Bubba, creep.

Allow me to explain. If you want this country to lose this war, you are an enemy. Is that clear? I hope so. It does not mean you have to agree with every policy. Loose lips sink ships. People with loose lips should not be working in the press business where they can profit off our dead heroes. I will not hold my contempt from showing. you disgust me. [continue reading].