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Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraq-The Day After

Yesterday was such a momentous day that I barely listened to all the negative statements being made today. There was something about the president secretly spying on Americans (no secret, ask Rockefellor-Dem., no spying on American-American), something about a civil war, and a lot of stuff we've heard for years now. I'm tired of it, and I'm simply too happy to let it affect me.

I feel sorry, in a way, for the Democrats who chose not to share in the joy of this Iraqi who wrote a letter to Mohammed, of Iraq the Model, about yesterday's vote:
Like eyelashes close in delight upon the sight of one's lover, the boxes closed their lips on Iraqis’ballots.

The tyrants forced us to remain silent for decades but yesterday our fingers spoke out loud in purple.

The fingers wore their purple wedding dress while the enemies wore the black of hatred and evil.

Elections have become the new tradition of Iraqis, those new democrats who proudly want to show the world their new experiment but on the other side there are our "cousins” who still want us to go back to the sheep barn.

We marched to vote and we respected our differences while Saddam is creeping in his cage chewing on his hatred.

From 59 to 64 to one year our people have proven that the future belongs to them and not those whose claws scarred Iraq’s neck.

A few bombs and some bullets, that’s all what the terrorists could do to interrupt the carnival in Baghdad. The people heard the explosions but those weren’t loud enough to distract the marching hearts from their destination. I saw our policemen yesterday showing their hearts too when they refused to wear their armors, maybe because they didn’t want to let anything stand between our hearts from theirs.

I asked an election official about the problems they faced. He answered laughing:

“Iraqis are like sweet fruit, and their sweetness lies in their big hearts and meeting them at the voting station yesterday was enjoyable like eating a good plate of sweets! They cast their ballots while I enjoyed the Iraqi symphony of patriotism”.

It was a day of happiness for Iraqis and a day of loss for the strangers who thought their camels brought them to a land void of patriots.

It is a day we will await to come again for four long years…to do the right thing again or to correct the mistake if we did one yesterday.

Anyway, I believe we left a mark on the face of history, a purple mark that will not be forgotten easily.

God bless Iraq and Iraq’s friends throughout this world. It wasn’t our day alone; it was your day too.

Aash al-Iraq…Aash al-Iraq.
Thank you, USA Military and loved ones. You were there on the front lines to bring this day forward. Loved ones, you made it bearable. Thank you, also, Coalition Partners. You saw the great vision of freedom, and you stepped up to the plate instead of sitting on the sidelines of history.

Thank you, also, to where credit is due. Thank you Iraqis. You have braved the dangers of the terrorists and insurgences, uncertainty, and tyranny to move forward to the promise of faith, hope, and love.

Faith of your fathers, faith of your own. Your right to choose how you live, and faith in your fellow man. Hope for a better and peaceful future. Hope for dreams unimaginable yet. Love for your country, your family, your God (for those religious), and peace.

May He shine on you always, may your hope be nurtured well, and may your love prove itself through the transformation of a great nation and be fulfilled.