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Monday, December 26, 2005

BN: Gas Released in Russian Store, Sickens

There have been incidences of a 'gas' substance released in approxiamately 3 different sites of the Maxidom home-goods chain. One store that was affected is in Russia's second largest city. After a search, boxes with wires and timers attached directly to the ampules which allegedly held the gas were found.

There were 78 people who were sickened and sought medical attention. Of that number, 66 of them are now hospitalized, states Viktor Beltsov, a spokesman of the Emergency Situations Ministry. Russia claims that none of the reasons for their staying in the hospital is life-threatening.

These same devices were also found at two other stores owned by this chain, said Andrei Aylabiev. He is another spokesman of the Emergency Situations Ministry.

As the news is being reported here, they are stating this was not a terrorist attack.

Source: St. Petersburg, Russia (AP)

Editors Note: Should we all just stop looking for terrorists? Apparently there are no more! The attacks in England? That was just some misguided youths, just as in France during the October fire drill.

These countries, including our own, will not confide in us that there is a danger looming. Why won't they? Because if they did (which they cannot because it would give away National Security secrets, and we are NOT the NY Times), the grip of fear would paralyze us.

Why doesn't President Bush talk about the weapons of mass destruction that we have found? Probably because we cannot let the enemy know we have captured 'x'-amount of 'a' and 'y'-amount of 'b'.

Let me explain. If someone has 1000 tons of 'x' and we captured 500 tons of 'x', we don't want them looking for the other 500! BTW, we have captured much, be assured.