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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

UN Allows Kosovo War to Continue

It has finally been reported that the conditions in Kosovo are not only bad, they are getting worse by the day. A whistle-blower from the UN, an ex-employee, has spoken to Sherrie Gossett of CNSNews. (Please read the entire article.)

The UN has been the protectorate of Kosovo after NATO bombed Serbia during March through May of 1999, and that is when Mr. Thomas Gambill became responsible for overseeing operations of a region in Kosovo from 1999-2004. This was to make sure there was no more ethnic cleansing and to keep the peace.

After the NATO incursion, there was much ethnic cleansing. The UN and NATO stood by and did nothing. Why? It was the Albanian Mafia and Muslim Kosovars murdering, raping, setting fires, kidnapping, and torturing the Kosovar Christians. After all, the Muslims are who were freed from Serbia.

Anyone who tried to complain to their superiors about these conditions were told not to bother them with isolated incidents, and it was swept under the rug. They, the UN, mostly desired an appearance of stability, whether there was one or not. This is how the jihadists came into power.
Reports filed by the OSCE indicate that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which had been trained and supported by the Clinton administration, was predominantly responsible for the ethnic cleansing.
Next are the words that would give chills to anyone with a knowledge of the pre-war attitudes of WWI and WWII.
The overall goal of the groups was the creation of an ethnically pure state that included Albania, Kosovo and parts of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia "They will push for more. That is the plan. It's called Greater Albania," said Gambill.
Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups are using the area to train its men, and the world shall see this. When is the only question.

Mr. Gambill's reason for coming forward is because the UN is preparing it's final status report. This cannot happen without endangering the entire world. Make your voices heard by calling the UN at (212) 879-8700. This is the number to the Permanent Representative of Serbia and Montenegro to the United Nations. Ask questions about these conditions. If you are lied to, say so. Politely, of course.

The Sunday Herald has more on this subject. Hat tip to Daily Briefing on Iran.

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