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Friday, September 09, 2005

Pride in our Military

I am always so proud when I open my e-mail and see America Supports You waiting for me to open it. I know what awaits me, and that is what makes me proud.

Fifty of these brave servicemen volunteered to help rebuild, and whatever else was needed, to make sure that 400 of our retired Veterans would be able to go home to the place as if nothing had happened.

Yes. They were also affected by Hurricane Katrina. Many of our servicemen were. You have not heard a word, and you won't. Military personnel do not complain. They just do...Please read the whole story as underlined above.

Do not forget to donate to Soldiers Angels. There are many servicemen coming home today and in the future that will find they have no home, no clothes, and they will have to go through the beaurocracy to find their loved ones. Let us not make it any harder for them.

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