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Monday, June 13, 2005

News from Iran-6/12/2005

This new site I have been visiting, Regime Change Iran, has 5 very interesting articles that are worth taking a gander at.
US dismisses Iran election as rigged

Human Rights Watch agreed, in a 17-page briefing paper, Access Denied: Iran's Exclusionary Elections. The Times UK also.

A coalition of 30+ Women's rights groups inside of Iran staged a demonstration in Tehran. Photos.

[The] explosions occurred in Ahvaz killing 8 and wounding 36. The regime blamed U.S. terrorists, then they said a new group calling itself the Ahwazi Revolutionary Martyrs' Brigades, claimed responsibility and demanded people boycott the election. Then Tehran was rocked with 3 explosions with 1 dead and 3 wounded. Already an Iran analyst and an Iranian blogger believe it was the work of the regime. I believe the regime is hoping to keep the demonstration in Tehran out of the news and anger the masses against pro-democracy forces.

North Korea is helping Iran dig secret missile bunkers, according the Telegraph UK.
There are some more links that have to do with the election this coming Friday. There is a lot going on that our news media is failing miserably to inform us about. I highly recommend you read some of these links, so at least you will be informed.

Please continue to read the site Regime Change Iran so at least you will be informed. That way when they all act surprised when the walls come tumbling down in Iran and democracy takes over, you can shake your head with the wisdom of what fools they really are. Never let a jounalist talk down to you. They just don't know, and if they do, they are very wrong for not coming forth with the information that could help these people. For shame, MSM. For shame.