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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Middle East Voting

Lebanon has voted for 2 weeks so far. They have 2 more Sundays to go. Last week, Hizbollah won 23 of the 23 seats in Southern Lebanon. I am not happy about this, but this is democracy. This is the chance we take. I do believe, however, that Syrian intelligence had a hand in this, along with the corrupt UN. The next 2 Sundays will be open for voting in different regions of Lebanon.

Iran is going to have a "vote" for parliamentary seats on June 17, 2005. There are many Iranians on a hunger strike, because none of the democracy loving candidates were allowed to run. Some reporters and bloggers are even in jail, being tortured, for speaking the truth. If it isn't true, then it was their opinion and they should have the right to express it. They are trying to warn us not to fall for their so-called move toward democracy.

Afghanistan will be having their vote on September 18, 2005. This is one to watch.
SOCIETY: Registration of candidates for the September parliamentary election has closed, with some 5,300 Afghans putting their hands up: "Of the 5,531 hopefuls registered with the poll panel for the parliamentary vote, 2,826 are men and 212 women; for provincial council seats, 2,705 people including 319 women are in the run." To the satisfaction and relief of the officials, the registration has concluded peacefully. You can read more about the process, as well as the challenges of the next few months here. The voter registration will commence on June 25. Source: Arthur Chrenkoff.
The women are going to be viing for seats! It is a wide spread contagious seed that has been sown. Everyone wants to share in the chosing of the government, and they also want to share in the peace that is coming to their land. Unlike the news you receive from the press, life is better.

Is it good? No. Is it better? Yes. It depends on where you place your value measurement. I am hoping it will not be long before we can reach every part of Afghanistan. This is a good thing we are doing. I am very proud of our young men and women. I am also very proud of the Afghanis who are helping to make this a reality for themselves.

Thank you, and have a good day.