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Saturday, May 07, 2005

News from Lebanon

There is much news coming from Lebanon that should be all over the news, but we must learn about every sordid details of the Jackson trial, the run away bribe, and God only knows what else because I turned off the tube a while ago.

First, there are two stories that are tied in together. Expatriates return to Lebanon en masse to witness return of Aoun (by Jessy Chahine), and bomb kills one, wounds 6 in the port city of Jounieh. Former Army Commander General Michel Aoun will be arriving in Lebanon May 7, 2005, after 15 years in exile. Many expatriots are expected to join in the celebration.

Interim Prime Minister Mr. Aoun of Lebanon came to an end on October 13, 1990 after the Syrian Army and Air Force launched a massive military assault on the Presidential Palace. His term was short lived, however, he was instrumental in pushing for Syria to get out of Lebanon.

There will be an official delegation from the United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) to welcome Mr. Aoun, and to show support of the Lebanese-Austalians.
The explosion, the fifth to target the country's Christian heartland in two months, came on the eve of the return of anti-Syrian opposition leader Michel Aoun to Lebanon from 15 years of exile.
These are supposed to intimidate the Lebanese people, but there is no sign of this happening. Instead it is bringing these different groups closer together, because only Hezbollah wants the Syrians to stay.

I have from Spirit of Amirca that the elections will be May 29, 2005 as scheduled. The parliament is meeting today to put together the final details.

The 700 people who were living in tents to achieve this goal have succeeded. They agreed on a few things: Lebanon should be free of Syrian occupation, free elections should be held on time, and a national Lebanese identity must be forged to counter the tribal hatefest of the past. That was about all, though! Just like America. It is a good post, if you have time-read it.

Electoral Law Still Undecided as Countdown to Polling Day Begins (by Nayla Assaf) This is important because before Syria took control, the Christians were the majority yet every sect of the populace had an even number of seats in the parliament. (If memory serves me right. I'm 99% sure.) They are trying to work out a way to come to terms with what will be acceptable to the citizens of Lebanon. They truly understand they must do this correctly, or there will be no peace, no democracy, and a lot of fighting. This must be avoided.

American University of Beirut starts first Mideast corporate governance program, by Will Rasmussen
Kuwait has donated $100,000 to this new school named University of Beirut (AUB).

"A program as much needed as corporate governance doesn't exist anywhere in the Middle East and this is a gap we need to bridge," said George Najjar, dean of AUB's Suliman S. Olayan School of Business. "Corporate governance is simply at the heart of business leadership."
The ME is far behind most countries in the areas of devolopment and trade. They are trying to find a way to modernize.

"We account for only 1 percent of foreign direct investment in the world. It is simply because we have a lack of visionary leaders, viable democracies, and quality educational organizations."
There is also the matter of stability.

"The Arab world lacks transparency in our markets, accountability, and adequate laws and regulations," Dabdoub said. "The challenge is how to move from central corporate bureaucracies to systems that are effective and rule-based."
Shell clinches multi-million dollar gas exploration deal with Libya By Agence France Presse (AFP), Wednesday, May 04, 2005
I am very displeased with this bit of news. If you would like to know, please read the article.

Syria blames U.S.A. pro-Israeli stance for sanctions renewal Syria is angry because we do not like them supporting terrorists. That is just too bad.

It's time for action - not further debate - in Darfur This is also a ME issue, because there are Arabs slaughtering black Africans who live in Darfur, Sudan. These people are innocent. They have commited no crime.

We called what was happening to genocide last September. It is now May. It has been more than 9 months since people were made aware of this situation. The death toll is already 400,000. That is one half of the death toll of Rwanda. Will you stay silent forever? Your Congressperson and Senators can be reached toll free at (877) 762-8762. Please read the article. Thank you.