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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mr. Isokoff, I apologize

I have had time to think about the events that have occured within the past two weeks, and I have come to the conclusion that Michael was not the one who makes the final decision about what goes to print.

This does NOT mean I don't want someone fired. I do. I want management and editors fired. The whole rotten bunch of them. Michael told them he only one source that didn't have any documentation. They wanted to run it anyway.

Anything that makes President or the Military suffer, the better the article. It doesn't matter whether or not it is true. It doesn't matter whether or not people die. They have completely forgotten we are at war.

It is up to you if you want to continue reading Newsweek. I would be skeptical of any story as to the truthfulness of it. I believe they do not care about America to the point that the country that gave them their rights they hate. I recommend they move to Saudi Arabia, but do not take your Bibles. You will be arrested for simply "being" a Christian.

To my Muslim friends I would ask to wait until we dig up the truth. Do not react upon anything you read in the American press. Unfortunately, they lie. They lie about President Bush and his motives. They lie about our Military. They never told you the care that is taken in order for the terrorists to even have the Ko'rans in Gitmo.

They wear gloves so as not to touch them. They do not want to dishonor them. These are their orders from President Bush. Does that sound like torture to you? The truth is starting to come out now. It is not that we cover things up. It is that we are slow to get the truth out. Especially when we are taken by surprise with such lies.

If President Bush, or anyone else for that matter, lies to us, I will be the first to write about my outrage. I know this probably hard to believe at this time, and I understand. I beg your understanding and forgiveness for the ignorance of our "press." Please, we are working together for a better tomorrow. Do not let this destroy everything YOU and we have fought so hard to achieve. Thank you.

Update: I do not want anyone to get the wrong idea. I do not approve or like what Michael Isokoff has done. What was news about what he had done? Detainees are trained to make these allegations, and the press falls right into lock step. They are a stupid bunch, but I do not believe Michael was responsible for THIS particular push story. That is all.