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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Letter to Zarqawi

The letter to Zarqawi from bin Ladin was intercepted in a raid on April 28. I found the text over at Counter Terror.
"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. A special message to the Shaykh Abu Ahmad [Abu Musab al-Zarqawi], may Allah protect and save him. All praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe, who stated in his generous book, 'I assure the believers a guaranteed victory; he who honors those who obey him and he who disgraces those who disobey him until judgment day'; may peace be upon his messenger that was sent as a mercy to the world, the prophet who had submitted the message and had struggled for the sake of Allah until the last moment of his life. So may Allah bless him with peace on his family, friends and followers until judgment day..."

"Almighty Allah has said, 'those who are believers beware of Allah and do not die unless you are Muslim.' And, the Prophet had stated, 'the religion is an advice', we asked him, to how may it be? He replied, 'for the sake of Allah, the Prophet, the Holy Book, the Muslim Imams and the public.' He said, 'if you leave Jihad then Allah will take away the mercy from you.' I advise myself firstly then I advise you [Shaykh] to beware of Allah in secret and in the open. Do not be afraid of anybody. I advise you not to be stopped by anything from practicing jihad for the sake of Allah and that is by depending absolutely on Allah. Whoever satisfies Allah rather than people, Allah will satisfy in turn. The entire Islamic nation is waiting to have an Islamic state implementing the rules of Allah, and are waiting for those men who are going to protect their dignity that are being abused everyday."

"What has happened between myself and my brothers is a crime that cannot be forgiven, but Allah will eventually punish the oppressors. I could swear by Allah that you are asking about us and our situation in here; the morale has weakened and lines of the mujahideen have become separated due to the actions of some commanders. Allah does not accept such actions, and they will delay our victory. We do have big mistakes where some of us have been discarded. To summarize what has happened with us, he said either you carry out a martyr operation or go back to your family. After, we were told this was an order from the Shaykh [Zarqawi]. Indeed, some of the brothers had returned back, some were recorded as martyred and the rest were hanging around and did not know what to do, besides they were humiliated and immorally treated. Who is to blame, should it be the oppressor or the oppressed? We have brothers that were tortured and jailed. They are harmless and nobody is meeting with them or asks about them. It is unlike the case in Fallujah where you used to come and visit us, and we enjoyed your company. The situation has changed dramatically and that is not acceptable to Allah. The most important thing, Shaykh, is that your existence is a thorn in the mouth of the Americans as well as the traitors, and may Allah protect you."

"The most important issue here is, do not hear from just one side, even if that person was close to you. But hear from all sides so the facts will become clear to you. We have commanders that are not capable of being good leaders. We are not accusing them without reason but we have tested them and found them incapable. Praise be to Allah, Shaykh, please test those who are underneath you. Some of them are hasty, some are unfair, and some have other issues. My last request to you, Shaykh, is that I need to meet with you to share a lot of unknown issues. And, to be honest with you, I really do not trust anyone anymore that says he is coming from your side. We have suffered a lot, but all praise be to Allah. I ask almighty Allah to make our religion victorious and to bless the mujahideen all across the world and to disgrace the infidels, destroy America and its allies soon without any delay. Peace be upon Mohammed, his family and friends until judgment day. I attest that there is one God and I ask for his mercy."
Whether or not this "letter" is real, I hope they fry. This is a multi-faceted war. Americans have a tendency to forget that. Do not. I can assure they haven't.

They are training in Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc. This is WWIV. Keep on living, but be prepared. Thank you.